DIY Product Accessories

HDEm 331 Autoprime Pressure washer

Accessories available for the Autoprime pressure washer.

Detergent Bottle

Automatic feed, with foam spray nozzle.

Product Code: 8801000003093

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Spray Nozzle

Product Code: 8801000003121

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Spray Gun

With safety trigger lock

Product Code: 8801000003120

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Extension Lance

Product Code: 8801000003122

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High Pressure Hose

3.5M Length

Product Code: 8801000003119

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Water Inlet Filter

Clear Plastic

Product Code: 8801000004321

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Accessory Pack

Comprising 4 Items:

1. Extension Hose/ Drain Unblocker

Use as a 6m Extension Hose to increase cleaning radius from 3m (7m2) to 9m (65m2) without moving the pressure washer.

Use as a Drain & Pipe Unblocker to clear blockages in drains and pipes. Save Money! No need to call out the emergency plumber.

2. Hand Brush

With soft bristles it is ideal for cleaning car bodywork.

3. Barbecue Brush

With Brass bristles and stainless steel scraping plate for cleaning barbecues and grills.

4. 90° Angled Nozzle

Reaches awkward places easily. e.g. under wheel arches, cleaning gutters.

Product Code: 09701905

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TBS 221 Twin Blade Power Saw

Accessories available for the BS 221 Twin Blade Power Saw.


TCT Blades set of 2

Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) blades are used for cutting hardwood, softwood, copper aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron, and composite materials (e.g. laminated flooring, kitchen work tops and wood with nails and screws installed).

Without Changing the blades.

Product Code: 55100105

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