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Aquaplus magnetic water treatment

The Aquaplus bottle has specially designed magnets trapped inside.  With Aquaplus you will:

  • Have 40% Less Scale (by weight) deposited in your appliance.
  • Extend your Iron’s working life by up to 3 times.
  • Not pollute your environment – no chemicals involved
  • Only ever have to buy one Aquaplus – unlimited working life

Minimise Scale

In appliances that heat water:

  • Irons
  • Steam Generator Irons
  • Steam Mops
  • Steam Cleaners
  • Humidifiers

Product Code: 6806605.1

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Aquaplus uses magnetic water treatment. The principle of this is well established and proven to work. On a larger scale similar products are widely used to soften incoming water to households. Permanent magnets inside the Aquaplus bottle “charge” the water so that the limescale is held temporarily in suspension and it is passed through the appliance without being deposited.

How to use Aquaplus

  1. Fill the Aquaplus bottle with ordinary tap water
  2. Wait 15 minutes
  3. Pour the water into your appliance
  4. Use the appliance
  5. When you have finished empty the treated water from the appliance
  6. Keep the Aquaplus bottle full so that you are ready for the next time

The magnetic water treatment is a temporary water softening effect and will last approximately 90 minutes after the water is removed from the bottle. After that time any water left in your appliance will revert to it’s natural state and could deposit scale.

Sicuro Heat Shield


Thermo Rubber Safety Iron Cover

  • Safer handling for hot irons
  • A protective shield to cover the hot soleplate
  • Put the iron away safely – no need to wait for the iron to cool
  • Prevents accidental touching if the iron is left unsupervised
  • Store the hot iron immediately – face down or stood on end

Sometimes just being careful is not enough.

The home is a dangerous place.  It is where most accidents happen.

Ironing is one of the domestic activities providing the most opportunities for accidents.

A hot Iron can stay dangerously hot for up to 20 minutes after it is switched off. During this time children, pets or other adults who do not realise that the iron is hot could accidentally touch it, causing painful and serious burns.

If an un-shielded iron is put away hot it could scorch paintwork, wood or plastic shelves and drawers.

The Sicuro Heat Shield minimises the risk when leaving a hot iron unsupervised. Its high tech thermo-rubber construction forms a barrier to dissipate heat slowly, so the outer rubber is only warm to touch, and the iron can be handled or stored away immediately.

When the telephone rings or someone is at the door, switch off the Iron, slip on the Sicuro and your iron is safe from the accidental touch of tiny hands.

There is no need to leave your hot iron on the window sill or work surface to cool down, with Sicuro fitted it can be put away as soon as you finish ironing.

Sicuro Heat Shield

Fits virtually all standard domestic irons

Product Code: 5904293

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Sicuro-Pro Heat Shield

Fits Euroflex monster professional style irons.

Product Code: 5902641

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Iron Rest Pad

For use with all professional style irons.

  • High tech thermo-rubber construction
  • For all irons that rest face down.
  • Move it around the board as you work.
  • No need to keep the iron on the end of the board.

Product Code: 5903275

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EF8 Teflon Soleplate Cover

For use with Monster EF8 professional style irons.

Protects delicate fabrics.

Product Code: 5902922

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EF9 Teflon Soleplate Cover

For use with Monster EF9 professional style irons.

Protects delicate fabrics.

Product Code: 5911018

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Sleeve Board

For use with monster and euroflex ironing boards models IB30 and IB35.

Product Code: 8103223

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Mains Plug Converters

Converts European Schuko style plugs to British 3 pin plug.

Schuko to UK Plug Converter

This product converts both straight and right angled schuko plugs.

  • Approved by BSI
  • Easily fitted in seconds
  • Easily removed – schko plug is undamaged
  • Take your appliances on holiday then refit the converter when you come home.


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Product Code: SCP3-WH-R-13A

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