Autoprime Pressure Washer

Powerful portable self-priming pressure washer

Autoprime’s self priming ability means you no longer need a mains water supply.  You can use water from a pond, a river, a lake, a water butt or even from a bucket as shown above.  Of course you can also use it connected to the mains water supply using an outside tap.

  • Self priming pump
  • Use with water butt
  • Use with just a bucket
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Washable Fiter
  • Long 5M power cord
  • Lightweight
  • On-board cord storage
  • Powerful 1.3Kw motor
  • On-board tool storage
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • up to 360Lph flow rate
  • 110 bar pressure
Powerful, portable, compact pressure washer

Block Paving

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Block Paving

Spray Nozzle

The high efficiency spray nozzle gives a powerful fan shaped spray pattern that can be rotated from a horizontal to a vertical spray by simply turning the nozzle.

Snap-on bottle

The detergent bottle with its built-in detergent dispenser spray simply snap fits onto the front of the spray nozzle.

Automatic foam spray

Use any pressure spray compatible detergent in the bottle to generate a foam spray for extra cleaning power.

These tools are included


  • Spray gun
  • Spray nozzle
  • High pressure hose
  • High pressure lance
  • Detergent bottle with foam spray nozzle
  • Water filter

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What is a “B Grade”?

Technical Information

  • Max pressure : 110 bar
  • Operating pressure : 85-90 bar
  • Flow rate : 320-360 lph
  • Detergent tank capacity : 0.5 litre
  • Power supply : 220-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Motor power : 1.3 Kw
  • Product weight: 5.4 Kg
  • Product size: 400 x 210 x 300 mm
  • Packed weight: 6.0 Kg
  • Pack size: 415 x 225 x 320 mm
  • Power cord length : 5 M
  • H.P. hose length : 3.5 M