HC1550 Multi-use Vacuum

HC1550 Multi-use Vacuum

A powerful yet compact multi-use vacuum for quick efficient cleaning around the home, the workplace or car:

Hand-held Vacuum

Ideal for very efficient cleaning of upholstery, stairs & cleaning up bread crumbs or dry spills on the table or work surface. With the soft bristled universal multi-angle brush it is great for dusting large areas like TV and computer screens.

Upright “Stick”Vacuum

With two extension tubes for cleaning hard floors, carpets and out of reach high areas like ceilings and high shelves. Use just 1 extension tube when cleaning furniture, bedding and mattresses.

All These Accessories Are Included

  1. Crevice Tool
  2. Pet Hair Brush
  3. Multi-Angle Brush
  4. Multi Brush
  5. Extension Tubes
  6. Vacuum & Sweeping Brush
  7. Floor Brush
Using the Accessories

Sweeping & Vacuum Floor Brush

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Use it with the vacuum or without for quick dusting on hard floors


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Technical Information

  • Power supply: 230V/50HZ
  • Motor power: 500W
  • Power cord length: 4m
  • Net product weight: 1.25 Kg
  • Size (floor): 103 x 15 x 23 cm
  • Size (hand-held): 43 x 15 x 23 cm
  • Floor brush width: 23 cm
  • Pack Size : 41 x 26 x 19 cm
  • Pack weight : 3.0 Kg
  • Colour : Green